Insights from our consultants

Grégoire J.
I joined Disapi right after my studies, I was attracted by the human-size of the company and the diversity of projects which were proposed to me. After two weeks of intensive training, I started with a management tool implementation project in Germany that lasted two months. For this mission, I was part of a four person’s team. Afterwards, I was involved in a transformation mission: diagnosis and analysis of the HR situation for a European leader specialised in services. For two years, I assisted my manager in the analysis of the company’s HR function (organisation, processes, and information systems) in the aim to provide a two-year strategic vision. As a logical continuation, I became in charge of HR business processes harmonisation through a procedures’ book. Few months later, we implemented the two-year strategy. During this period, I made ROI estimation and participated in a tenders’ call of a recruiting tool for a complete HRIS and standardized processes. Finally, since 2013, I was appointed as PMO of HR transformation mission and project manager for the implementation of the previously selected recruitment tool. Moreover, to assist me in this task, a junior consultant came to expand the team.

I am proud to bet on Disapi, because I could both rub me in different contexts and see me quickly entrusted with important responsibilities!

Rémi T.
When I arrived at Disapi in 2011, I worked on a CRM project in direct collaboration with the project manager, directly on the customers’ needs expression phase.
Very quickly, I had the responsibility for a deployment mission in the United Kingdom (testing and data migration, documents’ creation, training …).
Five months later, I managed the deployment process in Scandinavia, and took over the project management only nine months after my arrival. Acquiring responsibilities so fast is hardly possible in other companies.
Project manager tasks are multiple (team management, requirements definition, planning, training, tool understanding, and project communication) and learning is continuous. The great strength of Disapi is that it does not limit employee’s forces as well as their diverse knowledge.
Joining Disapi means always working in team, mostly abroad and with high-level contacts. It is also to enjoy the autonomy but also a permanent support. You learn how to think only about customers’ satisfaction.
To conclude, by joining Disapi you will be sure to increase your skills!