Disapi aims to help business managers through consulting missions in transformation and development projects.
We manage projects on their entire lifecycle:  starting with framing, to the design and finally the deployment.

We bring value to:
• The business side: by helping it to be better organised, more efficient, better monitored & to have a better use of IT tools.
• The support functions: by changing organisation, processes and IT in order to make them more agile, more competitive: a real business partner!

Why Disapi

Disapi is a global management consulting firm which benefits from a special management. Among the strengths which distinguish Disapi in the marketplace are our:


 overview-1 Agility
We react with a great responsiveness to customers’ requests.
Partners are personally involved in each project and you will constantly be in touch with them.
overview-2 Flexibility
We know how to adapt our methods to our clients’ needs and we provide them customised consulting services with high quality.
overview-3 Innovation
From day to day, we keep wondering what we could do differently and how we could bring new methods & technology to our clients’ benefits.
For instance, we believe that “Cloud technology” is one of our key success factors. Our experience in Cloud projects’ implementation has strengthened our conviction that Cloud influences not only software but also the consulting industry.
overview-4 100% dedicated to results and objectives
  • Our methodology proves it: we are able to send very quickly task-force teams worldwide
  • We can be at your side anywhere in the world. We already completed projects in fifteen countries.
  • We know efficiency: our interventions cover both upstream and downstream missions; we evolve through lessons learned from our experiences.